Daily Checkin

Pay it forward

Pay it forward is an approach to sharing and creating a wealthy life by bring others along on the journey and helping them get started on important journeies in their lives. These video are provided to inspire, inform, and empower your fellow human beings to strive for a more fulfilled and rewarding life. Look through the videos and pick one to send (or send all in the series) to someone you care to help.

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Day 1 - Checking in to make sure everyone is okay

Day 2 - Just saying "hi"

Day 3 - Keep safe, stay sane

Day 4 - We made it through the first weekend

Day 5 - Dreaming of Monday

Day 6 - Being Grateful

Day 7 - Check In.. What have you been up too?

Day 8 - Mental Health Days with your 4 legged friends

Day 9 - Being Positive

Day 10 - Musings...

Day 11 - Weekend wonders

Day 12 - Day 17, nope only Day 12

Day 13 - What day is it???

Day Easter - Thank you for your continued support

Day 20 - We made it so far